TThe Czech Government has announced important information regarded covid-19 measures for people coming to the Czech Republic

Measures effective from 31 October and from 2, 4, and 9 November

  • State of emergency in the Czech Republic is to remain in force until 20 November.
  • As of 31 October there is an exemption from the ban on operating a business or trade in connection with the upcoming All Souls’ Day for shops selling remembrance goods, such as wreaths, floral decorations for graves, remembrance candles, etc., including stallholders and mobile shops.
  • As of 2 November, providing care for children from 3 to 10 years of age of employees of selected professions and institutions now also includes the children of employees of schools and other teaching facilities, of the Czech postal service and the Financial Administration.
  • As of 2 November, the restriction on school operations is extended. The restriction will now be extended to special schools, and teaching will take place on a remote basis.
  • Restrictions on the free movement of people now have among their exceptions travel to education and examinations, and travel to elections to the bodies of insurance companies; with regard to restrictions on the right of assembly, it has been clarified that gatherings will only be allowed outdoors.
  • In restrictions of retail sales and provision of services, spas can now accept patients from hospitals.
  • As of 2 November, use of data boxes will temporarily be free of charge.
  • As of 4 November providers of healthcare and social services have to test within seven days all their patients and clients with the new antigen tests.
  • As of 9 November regional governors and the Mayor of Prague have to ensure and organize the allocation of space with bed capacity for the isolation of those shown to be infected with the coronavirus.