2019 (Year of the Pig) Lunar New Year Celebration

On February 2nd 2019, the Taiwan Ireland Association hosted a luncheon to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which falls on February 5th 2019. The luncheon was attended by Representative Yang of the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland, Mr Thomas Chang, the Assistant Director of the Community Affairs of the Representative office in the United Kingdom, and of course, many of the overseas Taiwanese living in Ireland.

Ms Yahui Minnock, President of the Taiwan Ireland Association, made a speech before the celebration began. She thanked all of her associates, the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland and the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) for all of the support and encouragement in organising this festive event. She also thanked the families in attendance, for keeping the spirit of their Taiwanese heritage alive whilst living in Ireland. It is important that when living abroad, Taiwanese traditions and cultures are still celebrated. She also blessed all of the Irish attendees and wished them a successful and happy new year.

Next, Representative Yang made a speech, thanking all of the attendees for joining them in the Lunar New Year celebrations. He spoke of the active efforts by the Taiwan Ireland Association in promoting traditional Taiwan culture by organising and attending many events throughout the year. Representative Yang also spoke of the importance of the Lunar New Year, which this year, will celebrate year of the Pig. Traditionally, the pig symbolises wealth but can also represent a safe and comfortable “home” where families can love and support each other as the character of “home” in Mandarin (家) is a pictograph of a pig underneath a roof.

Finally, Mr Thomas Chang of the Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom made a speech. He thanked the Taiwan Ireland Association for having him as a special guest in Dublin during the festive period. He spoke about the future goals of the association and encouraged the Taiwanese living in Ireland to continue to celebrate their heritage and traditions.

The luncheon then commenced with a variety of other exciting activities, which included live performances of Taiwanese pop songs, red envelopes for the children and a live magic show to entertain the guests. The event was very successful and the attendees happily celebrated the Lunar New year of the Pig.

Representative Yang makes a speech at the 2019 Lunar New Year Luncheon.

Mr Thomas Chang, Assistant Director of Community Affairs in the Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom, presents an award to the President of the Taiwan Ireland Association witnessed by Representative Yang.

President of the Taiwan Ireland Association gives out lucky red envelopes to the children, which is traditional in Taiwan during New Year festivities.

Group photo taken at the 2019 Lunar New Year Luncheon