Irish Pints paired with Taiwanese Cuisine 2019

In collaboration with the Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese, the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland hosted the annual Taiwanese cookery demonstration on 30th April 2019 in O’Donoghue’s Bar on Merrion Row. This year’s demonstration was presented by Mr Kun-Tzu Chung, Chef at the Fullon Hotel Restaurant in New Taipei City. Mr Chung is a gold medal winner of the Taiwan International Culinary Art Challenge “Fruit and Vegetable Carving” and a champion winner in the Innovation category in Taipei International New Row Mian (Beef Noodle) Festival.

In his opening speech, Representative Yang thanked the principal of the Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese, Evan Furlong and two visiting chefs for promoting Taiwanese cuisine in Ireland. He went on to say that Irish pub culture is famous across the world, with Temple Bar as a beacon for tourist attractions. Yet Irish people are used to drinking a beer or two before a meal, a stark difference to Taiwanese food pairing culture.

In hopes of creating an atmosphere where Irish people could experience authentic Taiwanese cuisine while enjoying the familiar taste of Irish beers and ales, a variety of Taiwanese dishes were presented such as  crispy chicken, calamari with fermented egg and Taiwanese style chorizo. These were accompanied by a variety of delicious Taiwanese side dishes: golden kimchi & pickled cucumber, platter of braised food and dried fried green beans.  All dishes were paired with Irish pints that bring out the flavours of the food.

This year’s tour sponsored by the Overseas Community Affairs Council, OCAC.ROC (Taiwan), also included a cookery demonstration in the Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese on 29th April, showcasing dishes like braised tomato beef noodles, sweet and sour pork ribs, dried shochu and sesame seaweed cake.  In addition, Chef Chung demonstrated fruit and vegetable carving on 1st May at Asia Market.

Such lovely events act as a bridge to share and experience cross cultures and showcase multiple aspects of Taiwanese cuisine, helping enhance the awareness and international visibility of such amazing food.

Group photo at the event (left to right: Evan Furlong, Chef Chung, Chef Pan, Rep. Yang)

Various dishes are presented on tables in the bar



calamari chorrizo side dishes luwei beans