What are the requirements and procedure in applying ROC Passport(First Timer)?



  1. Fill up theapplication form completely and correctly then make one photocopy. (Note: If the applicant is a minor, parents need to fill up and sign the agreement form on the surname of the minor, and affix signature at the back of the application form.  attach photocopy of parent’s Taiwan ID, or parent’s passport)
  2. Birth Certificatesecured from Philippine Statistics Authority (authenticated by Department of Foreign Affairs & TECO), original with two photocopies.
  3. I-CARD ICR, or Philippines Passport, original with two photocopies.
  4. Parents' nationality document(such as: valid R.O.C. passport, Taiwan ID Card, or Philippines Passport), original with two photocopies.
  5. Parent’s marriage contractsecured from Philippine Statistics Authority (authenticated by Department of Foreign Affairs & TECO), original with two photocopies.
  6. Latest Taiwan Household Registration Certificate issued within 3 months if a parent has registered with Household Registry Office (the details must not be omitted),original with two photocopies.
  7. If the applicant born before marriage of the parents or less than 181 days after the marriage of the parent, then the Certificate of  Single Status of the mother secured from Philippine Statistics Authority (authenticated by Department of Foreign Affairs & TECO), original with two photocopies, is required.
  8. Two identical passport size photos (please refer to Guideline for e-passport Photographs)  https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-140-467-29b1d-2.html
  9. Pay fee (2,350 Peso)
  10. First time passport applicant will be notified to come to this office for
  11. The applicant may be required to provide other documents if necessary.


  1. In accordance with current nationality law, those who was born on or after February 10, 1980, whose father or mother is an R.O.C. (Taiwan) national at the time of their birth, may acquire R.O.C. nationality. But if the applicant was born on or before February 9, 1980, the father must be an R.O.C (Taiwan) national at the time of birth, only then may he or she acquire R.O.C. nationality.
  2. All applicants who applied for the passport for the first time abroad, will belong to  “ Nationals without Household Registration in Taiwan”(在臺無戶籍國人). Before going to Taiwan, they must applythe “Lin Jen Entry/Exit Permit”(臨人字入國許可) from TECO (Filling Counter : Counter 10).
  3. When the applicant is illegitimate:1) If the father is a foreigner while the mother is an R.O.C. (Taiwan) national, he or she may acquire R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationality through the mother (applies only for those who born on or after February 10, 1980). The Applicant must follow the mother’s Chinese surname name. There is no need to attach a marriage certificate.2) If the father is an R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationalwhile the mother is a foreigner, the father must first accomplish an acknowledgement record (if the father has household registration in Taiwan, he will need to submit the birth certificate and the mother’s certificate of no marriage-CENOMAR and other relevant documents to the household registration office in Taiwan to register the Regarding the details of this matter, please consult the household registration office where the father has household registration), only then the child may qualify to possess R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationality and apply for the passport.


Filing Counter : Counter 8

Filing Time: 8:45 to 11:45 am Monday to Friday except holidays

Releasing Time : 1:45 to 4:45 pm Monday to Friday except holidays

Processing Time: about 14 working days