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Taiwan cultural heritage exhibition opens at the University of Birmingham



On 17 October, ‘The Cultural Heritage of Taiwan: Diversity and Transformation’ exhibition opened at the University of Birmingham’s European Research Institute.

With the aim of challenging what we think and what we know about Taiwan, the exhibition provides an overview of Taiwan’s long history and an introduction to the island’s diverse cultural heritage. It also explores some of the issues that surround the preservation of Taiwan’s cultural heritage and how they are being addressed, while shedding light on the changing ways that Taiwan understands its past, sees the present and envisions the future.

The Taipei Representative Office in the UK’s (TRO) director of Cultural Division Cheryl S.L. Lai attended the opening night, which also featured a lecture by Professor Shuenn-Ren Liou, an expert in architectural planning and design, who spoke about the ideas and practices of Creative Cities through Design Thinking in Taiwan. The exhibition will be open on weekdays at the University of Birmingham’s European Research Institute until 22 November 2017. Please visit the website for more information.