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AIDC and Martin-Baker sign ejection seat system agreement



On 12 December, Taiwan-based aircraft designer and manufacturer Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) signed an agreement with the UK’s Martin-Baker Aircraft Company to purchase ejection seat systems for the production of Taiwan’s Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT).

AIDC Chairman Anson Liao led a delegation to London’s Royal Aeronautical Society to sign the agreement, which marked the official launch of the AJT Ejection Seat System. Representative Lin was invited to witness the ceremony, where he stated that Taiwan greatly values exchanges between Taiwanese enterprises and their UK counterparts. The Representative added the agreement between AIDC and Martin-Baker will further strengthen cooperation in aviation development to create a safer environment in aviation.

Chairman Liao explained that the agreement with Martin-Baker will further integrate its supply chain, which will help AIDC deliver the 66 jet trainers on schedule. He also stated that AIDC expects the construction of the AJT aircraft will help foster the talents of the aerospace industry and strengthen the links between aviation industries in Taiwan.

The agreement between AIDC and Martin-Baker will also see collaboration extended to areas such as pilot’s equipment and parachutes. AIDC and its supply chain have been commissioned by Taiwan’s Defence Ministry to design and manufacture AJT’s, with the first prototype trainer aircraft scheduled to be rolled out in 2019.