ROC passport ranked 32nd in the world by UK advisory firm



The Republic of China (Taiwan) passport has been ranked 32nd in this year’s Visa Restrictions Index released on 9 January by London-based citizenship and residency advisory firm, Hanley and Partners.

For the 2018 report, the company evaluated passports from 199 countries and territories based on their visa-free and visa-on-arrival privileges in 219 destinations around the world. According to the index, Taiwan passport holders enjoy such access in 134 countries and territories worldwide. The latest tallies compiled by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which also take e-visas into account, indicate that Taiwan passport holders enjoy preferential visa treatment in 166 countries and territories.

Germany topped the Hanley and Partners index for the fourth consecutive year, with passport holders from the country permitted to visit 177 destinations without applying for a visa in advance.