Former EU Ambassador to China and Egypt discusses Brexit, Europe and Asia at London’s TRO



On February 14, Dr. Klaus Ebermann gave a talk titled ‘Brexit and the European Revival: Coincidence or Consequence?’ at the TRO. Attendees included current and former British government officials, policy advisers, and representatives from diplomatic corps in London along with author of geopolitics best-seller Prisoners of Geography Tim Marshall and BBC World Affairs Correspondent Humphrey Hawksley.

The former ambassador discussed a wide range of issues including the terms of the on-going Brexit negotiations, the current dilemmas faced by both parties as Britain prepares its departure from the EU, and the perspectives of key European nations on developments in the region. Dr. Ebermann emphasised that although Brexit is a difficult process for both parties, Britain’s departure could spur a revival of EU values and institutions led by other European nations.

In addition, Dr. Ebermann explored the impact of recent political developments in Europe on EU-China relations and provided insight on the possible trajectory of this relationship in the years to come. Dr. Ebermann commented on areas for potential growth and existing tensions between both sides, including China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative and changes to bi-lateral trade between China and EU nations. He concluded with an analysis of the EU’s relations with Taiwan, noting the ‘mutually reinforcing’ aspects of the relationship. Dr. Ebermann praised the balance between economic and cultural initiatives within Taiwan’s ‘New Southbound Policy’ as ‘wise and far-sighted’. The EU expert also noted the values of multiculturalism, education, and sustainability shared by both Europe and the island.