Representative Lin speaks about mainland China’s new air route at SOAS and the University of Nottingham

Rep Lin SOAS and Nottingham M503 disscussion


On January 18, Representative Lin spoke at a roundtable discussion arranged by the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies. He joined a panel of four academics to discuss the implications of mainland China’s new flight route over the Taiwan Strait. At the discussion titled ‘Hemmed in? The Implications of China's new aviation routes in the Taiwan Strait’, Representative Lin stressed that mainland China’s unilateral launching of the new flight route changes the status quo in the Taiwan Strait.

Representative Lin reiterated Taiwan’s stance on mainland China’s M503 route at another discussion held by the University of Nottingham’s Taiwan Studies Programme on January 30. The talk was titled ‘Regional economic dynamic and security puzzles: challenge of cross-Strait air safety?’ and explored the implications of the M503 dispute in the wider context of China’s economic and security ambitions in the region.