Taiwan’s former Deputy Minister of National Defence discusses Asia’s maritime security at UK Parliament

Admiral Chen Asia's Maritime Security Talk


At the invitation of the Henry Jackson Society, former Taiwanese Deputy Minister of National Defence Admiral Chen Yeong-Kang spoke at a conference titled ‘Maritime Cooperation and Competition in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities’ on January 31 at the House of Lords. During the panel, Admiral Chen highlighted Taiwan's strategic position and importance in Asia.

In his speech, Admiral Chen analysed in detail the state of Asia’s maritime security, including the growth of China’s military capabilities and the significance of Taiwan's strategic position in the region. He reiterated Taiwan’s desire to strengthen its relationship with the UK in this respect, emphasising that fostering talent is one of the most important military assets.

In response to Lord Truscott’s question on the recent M503 air route dispute, Admiral Chen stressed that the development of cross-Strait relations has always been based upon maintaining the status quo. He reaffirmed that the move by China was a unilateral change to the cross-Strait status quo as the new route will affect aviation safety. Such action is therefore inappropriate. He also called on Beijing to engage in further technical consultations to resolve the dispute.

Chaired by Lord West, distinguished Member of the House of Lords, the conference attracted around 70 guests, including Lord Truscott MP, as well as researchers from leading UK think tanks and academics. Representative Lin and several TRO personnel were also present. Other guest speakers included Dr Alessio Patalano, Reader in War Studies at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, and Dr John Hemmings, the founding Director of the Asia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society.