Taiwan’s largest ‘plant factory’ to open UK facility

Taiwanese Plant Factory in the UK


The Taiwanese vertical vegetable farming company ‘YesHealth iFarm’ announced it will open an experimental factory in Britain this April, making it the first Taiwanese plant factory to invest in the UK.

YesHealth President Mr Winston Tsai said his company is working with British authorities to learn more about UK market demands. He confirmed YesHealth will establish the factory in the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus (NAFIC) in York to tap into the UK market.

Mr Tsai suggested the factory may be a solution to the rising cost of fruit and vegetables imported from the EU to the UK. According to a report conducted by the food and agribusiness-oriented banking company Rabobank, the cost of EU-imported fruit and vegetables to Britain could increase up to 8 percent after Brexit. Mr Tsai said there will be marketing and promotion campaigns to see how the idea of vertical vegetable farming is received by the British public.

The move has already received praise from the head of the British Office in Taipei, Catherine Nettleton, who said it was great news that YesHealth would be setting foot on the NAFIC campus. ‘This is an excellent example of the UK and Taiwan working together on forward-thinking technology, which will bring good quality food to our people into the future,’ she remarked.