Taiwan Academy invite you to attend the screening of 《The Fly Dragon Mountain》

Dear Friends,

Taiwan Academy is delighted to present  Fall 2017 Film Series —Classics of Taiwan Wuxia Films

We cordially invite you to attend the screening of

The Fly Dragon Mountain

Thursday, Nov 16th, 6:30 pm  

at Taiwan Academy, B1 Screening Room

1 East 42nd Street, New York

  Complimentary Admission, RSVP required

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The Fly Dragon Mountain (1971)

As young Er-Hu begs outside a run-down temple, Miss YUN of the Zhang’s Village gives him a white jade pendant. That night, the jade pendant is stolen as Er-Hu’s mother is murdered by the thief. Ten years later, Er-Hu has become a warrior renowned for fighting injustices and protecting the weak...

Director CHEN Hung-Min began his career as a film editor. He devoted painstaking care into the design and choreography of every action scene in The Fly Dragon Mountain, from the fights and chases to the horse-riding and cart-pulling sequences, creating cinematic moments infused with both sensory and dramatic tension.