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Deputy DG Attended the 141th Bok Kai festival and parade held in Marysville

The Bok Kai festival and parade is held annually in the spring in Marysville, CA. This year marks the 141th Bok Kai festival, and the 35th anniversary of Marysville-Peikang Sister-City bond.  Deputy DG Alex Lee attended the celebration event on 3/13 at the invitation of President Judy Mann of Marysville-Peikang Sister-City Association. 

Mayor Ricky Samayoa, Deputy Mayor Bruce Buttacavoli, Yuba County Supervisors Andy Vasquez and Seth Fuhrer all attended this event. Mayor Samayoa especially expressed his sincere gratitude to TECO for donating a total of 2,000 masks to the city last year.

Deputy DG Lee also visited Hop Sing Tong,  and Bok Kai Temple after the parade.