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Taiwan welcomes international entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneur Visa



UK entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Taiwan are encouraged to make use of the Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa. Launched by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA in 2015, the visa offers foreign nationals a straightforward means of establishing a business in Taiwan.

The Entrepreneur Visa has helped many businesspeople from around the world establish successful enterprises in Taiwan. There is no need to set up a business before application and qualified teams can obtain resident visas for up to three people for one year, extendable for a further two years. The Visa also has unlimited entries and business owners who hold it can apply for special privileges for hiring foreign employees. Furthermore, as Taiwan residents, visa holders will have access to Taiwan’s world-class healthcare system while family members can apply for residence as dependents.

For more information on the Entrepreneur Visa please visit Contact Taiwan. Applicants from outside Taiwan must apply through Taiwan’s embassies and missions (special rules apply to applicants from Hong Kong and Macau), while internal applicants should apply via Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA.