Youth Trekkers--send your creative itinerary for the chance to live your Taiwan trek dream!

The Youth Trekkers Wanted Campaign has been pioneering innovative youth travel in Taiwan for over half a decade. Sponsored by the Ministry of Education’s Youth Development Administration (YDA) and its predecessor National Youth Commission, the Youth Trekkers Wanted Campaign assists youth from around the world to make their Taiwan travel dreams come true. Now, the 6th Youth Trekkers Wanted Campaign wants your creative ideas for a Taiwan youth trek itinerary lasting at least 10 days. Winners will be eligible for cash incentive awards of US$2,000 - $3,000. Submissions will be accepted until July 14th, 2013 and eligibility is open to all international youth 18 to 30 years of age.

The Youth Trek Wanted Campaign enjoys a strong fan base among international youth travelers. Over the past 5 years, nearly 80 winners from around the world have used campaign awards to trek Taiwan. All have put their own creativity and interests to excellent use - creating customized travel itineraries that have built long-lasting ties to Taiwan and its people. Spanish architect Eduardo Giménez-Cassina, committed to the positive effects of nature and environmental protection concepts on ecological consciousness, found true pleasure in the traditional homes of Orchid Island natives and the environmentally friendly designs of Taiwan’s temples.

The sea’s beauty and diversity inspired Ornella Weideli, from landlocked Switzerland, into the study of sharks. Ornella’s Taiwan itinerary took her to many of the country’s fishing ports to learn about Taiwan’s rich ocean culture and marine ecology. She also met several of Taiwan’s leading shark specialists, sharing insights on these ocean predators that she hopes she will be able to use in her own work and research back home.

Erica Schlaikjer from the United States designed her itinerary to focus on Taiwan’s graffiti and street art scene. She saw this art form gradually earning broad-based acceptance and believed street art a powerful cohesive force capable of not only enlivening stagnant urban spaces but also creating an active dialogue between the city and its residents – especially youth. Kenya’s Shelmith Wangechi Gitahi was the first Youth Trekkers Wanted Campaign winner from Africa. For her, Taiwan was an island of mystery hidden away from the world. It was “love at first bite” for Shelmith, who pursued a passion for Taiwan’s diverse culinary temptations. Expressing a particular preference for Taiwan seafood, she confessed enjoying a night-market staple, charcoal-grilled squid, most of all. From start to finish, Shelmith couldn’t say enough about the warm, friendly reception she received from all the Taiwanese she met along the way.

The Youth Trekkers Wanted Campaign sets no boundaries. Design it the way you want and create a unique story that will inspire for years to come. The 6th Youth Trekkers Wanted Campaign welcomes youth backpackers from around the world. Put your talent and interests to good use and create a youth trek experience that will both put you in touch with Taiwan and help unlock and express your own potential. We warmly welcome young, outgoing adventurers to explore Taiwan’s wealth of cultural, natural and social enticements. Please submit your itinerary and completed application by the July 14th due date for the chance to be one of this year’s Youth Trekkers Wanted Campaign winners! Visit the official activity website at: for all the details and application information.