Taipei Representative Office in Ireland

The Republic of China (Taiwan) established its first representative mission in Ireland with the opening of the Free China Center in Dublin in 1988. To reflect its expanded remit, the mission was renamed as the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Ireland in 1991, and as the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland in 1995. The Taipei Representative Office promotes economic, trade and business, cultural, tourism and academic cooperation between Ireland and Taiwan while also providing vital consular services.

In 1989, Ireland established an Institute for Trade & Investment in Taipei, Taiwan ,and to issue Irish visas to Taiwanese travellers. The office was closed in 2012 due to the budgetary constraints, but relations between Ireland and Taiwan have continued to develop.

In 2009 a visa waiver agreement was concluded between Ireland and Taiwan, allowing the passport-holders of each country to visit the other for up to 90 days without requiring a visa. This has made it easier than ever before to travel between Ireland and Taiwan, whether for business or pleasure. In 2010, the Irish and Taiwanese authorities agreed mutual recognition of driving licenses, further improving convenience for travellers. 2013 saw the establishment of the Working Holiday Visa Programme to promote youth mobility. It allows Irish and Taiwanese young people aged 30 or under to travel, work, and sightsee in Taiwan or Ireland for up to a year.
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Taipei Representative Office in Ireland
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