TRA@40: An Enduring Partnership

TRA@40: An Enduring Partnership






Enacted April 10, 1979, the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) authorizes the US to continue substantive relations with Taiwan, and emphasizes that any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means is a threat to the peace and security of the Western Pacific area. The TRA states that the policy of the US government is to provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character, and stipulates that the absence of diplomatic relations or recognition shall not affect the application of the laws of the United States with respect to Taiwan. Upon its entry into force, the TRA became the foundation on which the robust Taiwan-US partnership has developed.

On the legal basis provided by the TRA, exchanges between Taiwan and the US have continued to thrive thanks to the efforts of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the US (TECRO). The former was established in 1979 under the TRA to represent US interests in Taiwan, and is responsible for promoting bilateral ties in the fields of security, trade and investment, education, culture, and tourism. In response, Taiwan set up TECRO in Washington, DC, to maintain and advance all aspects of Taiwan-US cooperation.

TRA@40 Events:

1.Taiwan Relations Act @40 Kick-Off Reception at Twin Oaks

2.TECRO: More Than Glass and Steel

3.Foreign Minister Joseph Wu delivered a speech at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council

4.TRA@40 Seminar: “Phase Zero: A New Taiwan Policy?”

5.TRA@40 Seminar: “Taiwan-US: An Enduring Partnership in the Indo-Pacific”

6.TRA@40 Exhibition at East-West Center

7.The Hill published Representative Stanley Kao's Op-Ed "The Taiwan-U.S. enduring partnership forging ahead" (April 9, 2019)

8.USA Today published Minister Joseph Wu's Op-Ed in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the enactment of the Taiwan Relations Act (April 10, 2019)

9.Washington Times published Representative Stanley Kao's Letter to Editor (April 16, 2019)

10.Foreign Policy published President Tsai's Op-Ed in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the enactment of the TRA (May 10, 2019) 

11.The Washington Times published Premier Su's Op-Ed in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the enactment of the TRA (May 30, 2019) 

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