State of Texas

Trade and investment relations between Texas and Taiwan have remained close and have thrived in recent years. In 2016, Texas, the leader in state exports, shipped commodities valued at US$4.30 billion to Taiwan, making Taiwan the 9th top overseas market for Texas. Export commodities to Taiwan mainly comprised computers and electronics, industrial machinery equipment, chemicals and foodstuffs. Import commodities from Taiwan reached US$2.33 billion, mainly comprised of computers and electronics, metal products, transportation equipment, and industrial machinery. Firms from Taiwan have invested more than US$10 billion U.S. dollars in Texas businesses including petrochemicals, electronics, communications, automotive spare parts, metal products, real estate, import-export, food and beverages, banking and hostelry. Among Taiwan's major investors in Texas are the Foxconn Corp., China Petroleum Corporation, Applied Optoelectronics, Inc., Formosa Plastics, Via-Cyrix Co., Yangming Marine Transport Corp., Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Co., Tungyang Industries, Asia Chemicals, Metro Bank, Texas First National Bank, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Co., Tanox and Acer. Furthermore, Eva Air, based in Taiwan, launched its direct passenger service between Taipei and Houston in June 2015. This has helped in increasing commercial, investment and tourism opportunities, and further cementing the bond of friendship between both sides.

The State of Texas established a sister state relationship with Taiwan Province in 1988, and at present, several Texas cities/counties have sister relations with cities in Taiwan: Houston (with Taipei Municipality), San Antonio (with Kaohsiung Municipality), Austin (with the City of Taichung), Corpus Christi (with the City of Keelung), Laredo (with the County of Tainan), Addison (with the City of Panchiao), Marshall (with Taipei Municipality), and Plano (with the City of Hsinchu),Harris County(with Taipei County), Fort Bend County (with Pingtung County).

State of Louisiana

Louisiana and Taiwan enjoy a close relationship with strong trade and economic ties. The state government of Louisiana maintains an office at the Taipei World Trade Center. In 2016, Louisiana's exports to Taiwan reached US$348 million. Agricultural products, mainly soybean and cotton, constitute Louisiana’s principal exports to Taiwan, followed by chemicals, petrochemical commodities, oil and bituminous coal. Louisiana’s imports from Taiwan reached US$161 million that were mainly comprised of metal products, basic metals, rubber and plastic products, and chemicals. Our entrepreneurs have made considerable investment in Louisiana, particularly West Lake Group, Formosa Plastics and Nanya Corporation. These firms began their business endeavors in petrochemical and plastic industries in the 1980s, making Taiwan one of the major sources of foreign investment in this state.

The State of Louisiana and Taiwan established a sister relations in 1985, and its capital Baton Rouge also has a similar sister-city relationship with the City of Kaohsiung in the same year.

State of Mississippi

In 2016, Mississippi exported various commodities valued at US$47 million to Taiwan. The major items exported to Taiwan include chemicals and related products, computer appliances electronics products, and agricultural products. The imported commodities from Taiwan valued at US$251 million.

Three Taiwanese firms are involved in manufacturing endeavors in Mississippi, Trilogy Communication Inc. (TV cable), Capital PC Warehouse (PCs) and Huamei Plastic Pipes. Other Taiwanese businesses are mainly involved in small service and restaurant trade. The State of Mississippi and Taiwan founded a sister relations in 1983, and in the same year its capital Jackson also set up a similar sister-city relationship with the City of Chiayi.

State of Arkansas

In 2016, Arkansas exports to Taiwan totaled US$70 million. Products exported were mainly comprised of paper and related products, chemicals and related goods, processed food stuff, followed by drinks and tobacco products. The imports from Taiwan valued at US$143 million. There are three Taiwan firms have investments in Arkansas, namely J-M Manufacturing Co., President Baking co., and the Prowood Timber Co.

The State of Arkansas and Taiwan established sister relations in 1983. That same year, the Arkansas capital Little Rock and the City of Kaohsiung united as sister cities.

State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma's volume of export to Taiwan totaled US$23 million in 2016, and was mainly comprised of industrial machinery, transportation equipments, computer and electronic parts, foodstuffs, and agricultural goods. The imports from Taiwan valued at US$154 million. Presently, Taiwan investments in Oklahoma are limited to the restaurant, retail, hotel, and tourism industries.

Early in 1980 the State of Oklahoma established a sister relations with Taiwan. Similar sister connections have also been sealed between Tulsa and Kaohsiung City and Oklahoma City with Taipei City and Kaohsiung City.

Currently there are nearly 5,000 people from Taiwan living in Oklahoma, concentrated mainly in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Their principal civic organizations include the Chinese Association of Oklahoma City, the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Chinese School, Tulsa Chinese Association, Tulsa Chinese School, and Tulsa-Kaohsiung Sister City Association. In addition, more than 1000 students from Taiwan have pursued higher education in the State of Oklahoma.