CUNY TV presents Taiwanese film series “An Island of Stories: Recent Films from Taiwan”

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York is pleased to announce that CUNY TV, in collaboration with the Taipei Cultural Center of New York, is launching a new City Cinematheque series “An Island of Stories: Recent Films from Taiwan.”

Set to debut on October 5, 2019, the series will present five Taiwanese films: Cape No.7 directed by Wei Te-sheng (2008), Soul by Chung Mong-hong (2013), Thanatos, Drunk by Chang Tso-chi (2015), The Road to Mandalay by Midi Z (2016), and The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful by Yang Ya-che (2017).

All films will be aired three times on Saturday at 9 pm, Sunday at 9 pm and the next Saturday at 12 am, and followed by a recorded interview between the filmmaker and series host Jerry Carlson.

For more information, please visit Taipei Cultural Center and CUNY TV.