Authentication Service for Documentations

Authentication Service for Documentations


1. To apply for document authentication, the applicants are required to submit the following documentations:
(1) A completed Application Form for Authentication.
(2) Original (or notarized) and a copy of applicant’s photo I.D. (e.g., driver’s license, passport, or naturalization certificate)
(3) Authentication documents
(4) Applicant submits on behalf of a business entity, must provide a copy of a license/certification issued by the Secretary of State office to that business entity.

2. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles is only authorized to service documentations issued within our jurisdictions, including Southern California, State of Arizona and State of New Mexico.
3. Commercial documents including but not limited to bank statements, business licenses, tax reports (Business/ Personal), business registrations...etc. are required to be notarized by notary public and certified by Secretary of State (Certain states may require County Clerk’s certification prior to submission of Secretary of State) prior to submission for processing. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles will NOT accept any documents which the Notary Public did not witness the signatory before him/her; Authentication from Notary Public that verified documents without the presence of signatory will not be accepted for processing.
4. Documents that have been submitted to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles via an agent are accepted but only if the documents are accompanied by:
(1) A notarized power of attorney prepared by the applicant which authorizes the agent to submit the application.
(2) A photo I.D. (e.g., driver’s license, passport, or naturalization certificate) of the person who will deliver the documents.
5. The application fee for document authentication is $15 per document.
6. All documents must be submitted with an additional photocopy of the documents in their entirety. This includes an additional photocopy of any cover letter from a local government or the Department of State. If several identical documents are submitted for authentication, we require only one photocopy of one of the documents.
7. Applications submitted by mail must also include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient mailing fee. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles only forward accepted and processed applications via Express Mail provided by USPS.  Please click HERE for current rate.
8. Timeline of process: 3 working days after receipt in completion. Applicants can pick up authentication of documentations after three (3) working days.
9. The Consular Division of TECO is open Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and closed on U.S. Federal holidays, Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day and October 10th.
10. Should there be any further assistance in need, please contact the Consular Division of TECO at 213-389-1215 between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


Authentication Service for Diploma and/ or Transcript

1. Jurisdiction-
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles is only authorized to service documents issued within our jurisdiction, which includes Southern California, States of Arizona and State of New Mexico.

2. Mail-in Application-
For application by mail (see our address on the bottom), please attach a notarized copy of your photo ID as proof of your identity. However, a copy of Republic of China Passport or Taiwan ID Card is not required to be notarized if the applicant is a ROC citizen. Prior to mailing your documents to TECO, please check your submission with TECO staff. The phone number is 213-389-1215 ext 113.

3. Forms of Payments-
Cash, money orders, personal checks.

4. Authentication of Chinese Translation-
starting from November 16, 2011, all translation needs to be notarized by Notary Public within our jurisdiction prior to submission.

5. Apply by Agents-
Applicant may assign an agent to deliver the required documents to our office. Agent is required to present his/her valid photo ID (e.g. driver license, passport, or naturalization certificate) along with an authorization letter from the applicant.

6. Documents needed for Application:

7. A Completed Application Form for Authentication
8. An original and a copy of valid photo ID (Passport or Driver’s License). The original ID will be returned after verification.
1) Document Authentication Fee: $15.00
2) If transcript authentication is needed, a copy of transcript has to be delivered DIRECTLY from school.
3) For diploma authentication:
(1) Provide the original or a notarized copy of diploma (See Note 1).
(2) For verification purposes, please (A) Apply for a verification at National Student Clearinghouse and provide us the email address and transaction ID; (B) Apply for a copy of transcript to be sent DIRECTLY from school; if neither (A) nor (B) could be done, please fill out Letter of Authorization with student ID number and verification fee (See Note 2). Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles will issue a verification letter to school for verification; however, this method usually takes longer.
Note 1. Starting from April 16, 2012, if only copies of diploma are provided, the copies need to be notarized by local notary public, or Bureau of Consular Affairs if in Taiwan .
Note 2. USC:$12.00、UCLA︰$6.00、UCI:$13.00、UCSD:$10.00、UCSB:$15.00、CSUSB:$4.00、The University of Arizona︰$5.00(Please make the check payable to the school)。The above mentioned rates are for your reference only. TECO may not have the most updated information. Please check the rate from schools' website prior to your submission. UCSB does not accept verification letter from TECO, students and alumni need to request for a copy of transcript sent directly to TECO in Los Angeles. Please confirm the requirements at UCSB ’s website. The University of Arizona has a specific form for verification requests.