Regional Relationships

California's geographic location, on the West Coast of the United States, makes it an ideal trade partner for the ROC. This advantage, combined with a large resident population from Taiwan, makes California the ROC's number 1 trade partner among the United States. The major products that Taiwan imports from California are electronic parts, computers, industrial machinery, transportation equipment, and agricultural products, to name a few. And as the economy in the ROC grows stronger, so will the exports.

In addition to exports, there are numerous ROC based or connected companies operating in our California Acer, Global communication Semiconductor Inc., EVA group, China Airlines, Yangming Marine Transport Corp, President Enterprises Corp., and Tatung are just some of the bigger names that have operations in our California.

The area of political and social exchange is more difficult to quantify, but no less impressive. There are currently no less than 20 cities in our South California that have "sister city" agreements with cities and counties in the ROC, including: Taipei and Los Angeles (1979), Taichung and San Diego (1993), Los Angeles County and New Taipei City (1996), Taoyuan and Irvine (2000) to name just a few.